Here’s a List of My Talks

Crafting Questions & Linking Thoughts: Jari Saramäki on Network Science Research

Anatomy of a Post | Interview with Petter Holme about his blog

Complex Systems in Simple Terms

Ferdowsi, May 15, 2022 — Slides, Video

Herd Immunity and Epidemic Size in Networks with Vaccination Homophily

NetPLACE, April 7, 2020 — Slides, Video

Complex Networks: a Survey, part 1: Complexity and Paradigm Shift

02.03.2021 – Tehran University, Online Meeting
Click here for the slides and here for the PDF.

Part 1: Complexity and Paradigm Shift – video: {YouTube, Aparat}

Part 2: Introduction to Network Science – video: {YouTube, Aparat}

Essence of Critical Phenomena

16.04.2020 – School of Science, Aalto University.
Click here for the slides, references, and other materials.

Introduction to Renormalization

Story of Complexity: Why “More is different”?

Can Physicists Model Social Networks?

In search of Patterns

Fractals, Scaling & Renormalization(1)

Inferring Interaction Matrices of Evolving Complex Networks

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