As a Ph.D. candidate at the Computer Science Department of Aalto University 🇫🇮, I am working on problems in Network Science. Specifically, I’m interested in bridging the gap between the theory of temporal networks and non-equilibrium phase transition formalism.
I have an MS in Physics of Complex Systems and a BA in Solid State Physics. I’m a science writer and I write at sitpor.org (FA) where I am also the editor-in-chief. Know more about me, See my CV.

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  • Epidemic Spreading and Digital Contact Tracing: Effects of Heterogeneous Mixing and Quarantine Failures
    NordicMathCovid Workshop, Sigtuna 22 Sep 2021 — Slides

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"I don't want to take this stuff seriously. I think we should just have fun imagining it and not worry about. There's no teacher that's gonna ask you questions at the end -- otherwise, it's a horrible subject."

From "Richard #Feynman: Fun to Imagine".
Since yesterday that Parisi has won the @NobelPrize in physics, Twitter has become a very exciting place for me! Just like the days, we won some games in the Olympics and it sparked street celebrations. This time our nationality is science!
"I prefer movies. ...
I prefer myself liking people
to myself loving mankind. ...
I prefer the color green. ...
I prefer moralists who promise me nothing. ...
I prefer light eyes, since mine are dark"

Wisława #Szymborska
From “Nothing Twice”, 1997, S. Baranczak & C. Cavanagh
به افرادی که در زمینه‌ای خارج از تخصص اصلیشون اظهار نظر غلط می‌کنند اصطلاحا #متجاوزان_معرفتی می‌گن؛

این نوشته در مورد این افراد و مسائل مربوط به این مدل تجاوزه!
"My mother ... had a wonderful sense of humor, and I learned from her that the highest forms of understanding we can achieve are #laughter and human compassion."

R. #Feynman, "The Making of a Scientist," p. 19.