As a Doctoral Researcher at the Computer Science Department of Aalto University 🇫🇮, I am working on problems in Network Science. Specifically, I’m interested in modeling pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions for epidemics. I also have done some work on bridging the gap between the theory of temporal networks and non-equilibrium phase transition formalism.
I have an MS in Physics of Complex Systems and a BA in Solid State Physics. I’m a science writer and I write at sitpor.org (FA) where I am also the editor-in-chief. Know more about me, See my CV.

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  • Epidemic Spreading and Contact Tracing On Clique Networks
    CCS 2022 Palma de Mallorca, October — Slides
  • Directed Percolation in Temporal Networks
    Disorder in Complex Systems, Institut Pascal, Jun 14, 2022 — Slides
  • Modeling pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions for epidemics
    Random Graph Day, Math Dept., Aalto University, Oct 28, 2022 — Slides
    CS Research Day, Aalto University, Oct 6, 2022 — Slides
    Summer School: Mathematics of Large Networks, Budapest, Jun 03, 2022 — Slides
    CCNSD, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, May 8, 2022 — Slides
    Turku Data Science Group, University of Turku, March 22, 2022 — Slides
    MACSI, Dept. of Math. & Stat., University of Limerick, Feb 22, 2022 — Slides
    Sharif University of Technology, Feb 20, 2022 — Slides
  • Herd Immunity and Epidemic Size in Networks with Vaccination Homophily
    SIAM Workshop on Network Science (NS22), Online, Sept 14, 2022 — Slides
    NordicMathCovid Workshop, Helsinki 24 May 2022 — Slides
    Workshop: Mathematics of Large Networks, Budapest, May 13, 2022 — Slides
    NetPLACE, April 7, 2022 — Slides, Video
    NetSciX 2022 Porto, February — Slides
  • Epidemic Spreading and Digital Contact Tracing: Effects of Heterogeneous Mixing and Quarantine Failures
    CCS 2021 Lyon, October — Slides
    NordicMathCovid Workshop, Sigtuna 22 Sep 2021 — Slides

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The theory of critical phenomena is The One Ring to rule them all! Last year we showed that the spreading of a disease, the dissemination of information, or the accessibility of a public transport system over time all behave the same at the critical point! https://t.co/v2cW4SxKRn https://t.co/xilsNwFwMg
سال ۹۵ که در مشکلات مختلف غوطه‌ور بودم، شروع کردم به گوش دادن به چنل‌بی. برای ماه‌ها تنها قسمت خوب زندگی، گوش دادن به علی بندری بود. این مدت که دوباره غم در خانه دل رخنه کرده راه فراری نبود جز چک کردن لیست پادکست‌ها.
شکلتون پادکست فارسی دست مریزاد!
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The funniest: Scan the literature and read what is pertinent. (You are not Feynman.)

The best: Look for kindred souls. They are few are far between, and nothing is more precious.

The sincerest: Most humanity spends its life doing boring repetitive tasks. https://t.co/xjed7ksvt6
'By 2011, Laszlo Barabási, the figurehead of complex networks, published their work on identifying “controller nodes,” which felt like the end of the complex-network era. Since then, it’s been “many are different” rather than “more is different.”'

A nice read ... https://t.co/OX62GrICY6
Ladies & gentlemen, Dr. Arash Badie-Modiri 🧑🏻‍🎓

Opponent: Professor Renaud Lambiotte, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, England

Custos: Assistant Professor Mikko Kivelä https://t.co/UG24648LfE https://t.co/YoxWAAuxCZ