Right now, as a Ph.D. candidate at the Computer Science Department of Aalto University, I am working on bridging the gap between the theory of temporal networks and non-equilibrium phase transition formalism.
I have an MS in Physics of Complex Systems and a BA in Solid State Physics. I’m a freelance science writer and I write at sitpor.org (FA).

Know more about me, See my CV.

Fields of Interest:

  • Complex Networks
  • Statistical Physics
  • Inference Problems
  • Machine Learning

Projects in Science Communication

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2 days ago
This post can be a good example for the 1st week of the "Computation in Complex Systems" course at @ComplexExplorer; Estimating errors using the big-oh arguments. https://t.co/rlOhbOKgkM
3 weeks ago
«انتقال به سرخ به زبان آدمیزاد»
با بیان یکی از بهترین منجم‌های آماتور ایران @Astronomer73

#نجوم #نجوم_آماتوری

https://t.co/iBeV81POxw https://t.co/dmKuBMEKsN